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I can not see explanation movie [ iOS[ ANDROID ]

Currently this address will be.






How do I save a movie file? [ iOS[ ANDROID ]


This application uploads the created video to the "EVERYPLAY" site once using the "UPLOAD AND GET MOVIE FILE" button, and then downloads it on the "EVERYPLAY" site on a personal computer or the like.

Operation explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2VbPc7sOmQ





The display on iPad is strange. iOS ]

It is corrected with the latest version.(ver 1.1.6)





I made a movie file in the "EVERYPLAY", but the resolution was small.
How can I make a larger resolution of the video file?[ iOS[ ANDROID ]

Please use the screen recorder application, such as, for example, "AZ Screen Recorder".





I will not be able to upload a movie using the "EVERYPLAY".[ iOS[ ANDROID ]

Sometimes you may not be able to upload to "EVERYPLAY"
It is currently under investigation.
For now,If you can not upload to "EVERYPLAY"

A :
Check your Internet connection
B :
Wait for a while,you might be able to upload C :
If the re-installation, you might be able to upload
D :
Please use such as a screen recorder app (for example, "AZ Screen Recorder").
On iphone 's iOS 11 and later, screen recording is now possible with basic functions.
It is also possible to use it.